Design Service


Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein 

Whether you’re building a new home from scratch, redesigning the kitchen or decorating just one room it’s important to achieve a home that’s right for you.

A helping hand from a professionally trained experienced interior designer can help smooth the process and ensure there are no costly mistakes. 

Choose the level of help you need:-


A meeting where you can ask any questions about any aspect of the design, layout, furnishing or decoration for a one off fee of £90 for a 2 hour consultation where you will get the help you need to enable you to move forward on your project with confidence.





This is ideal for when planning to decorate and/or buy new furniture but you’re not sure exactly what to choose. A one off fee of £90 for a 2 hour consultation. 


I always feel a mood board is essential when decorating a room. After the initial meeting, taking the client’s instructions, the early part of the design process involves getting together samples of wall colours, upholstery and curtain or blind fabrics and images.

A second meeting is then set up to look through everything together, usually over a cup of coffee, and get a feel for which way the design is going to go.

A mood board is then prepared. It’s an invaluable way to see how all the colours and textures are going to work together and it really helps to get a feel for the design style.

Also, at this point any tweaks can be made to the design scheme so that everyone’s happy before work on the room commences. 

The price for the Mood Board is £180 which also includes 2 consultations.